You want your team to hit the ground running!

Once your team is trained, you want them to be excited and fully able to use the canvases you selected to implement. Incomplete explanation and lack of clarity on how to use the canvas are the main reasons for a tedious implementation. You want the implementation to be an absolute succes and lift your account management to the tactical and strategical level. Tenacity’s tools and training will do this for you.


The Tenacity training will equip your account managers with the best possible, easy to implement tooling for tactical account management. Together you will learn to periodically rise above the operational level and take the lead with your accounts.

Every training has three steps:

Management workshop. This is an important step for ensuring implementation succes. In a half day workshop, the Tenacity trainer/consultant will help you set up the process of when and how to use the canvas. On the content side, you will discuss any new or company specific things you want your team to think about when creating a plan. And on the process side, you will create clarity on when, who and with whom plans need to be created and how they will be used during the year. This includes the important role of the management supporting and steering the planning process.

Canvas training. Depending on the need to train one, two or three canvases and/or the need to get familiarized with the web application (Account Plan Manager), we will need two, three or four days to fully train your team
In our training the team will not only learn to use the canvas, but also understand the guiding principals behind them. Powerful insights that will get your team to the tactical and strategic level of account management. But most importantly, your team will learn by doing. The real learning takes place when they put the instruments to work on actual accounts and discuss the outcomes.

Implementation. During the training, participants complete one account plan. They also get specific instructions and goals for starting to use account plans after the training. In the first three months after the training, the trainer will guide you and your team answering additional questions, stimulating correct use of the canvas and in getting the process started. Eight hours of guidance (in parts) is included in every training we provide. We are your partner in a successful implementation until you feel your team is in full control of their accounts.

So, in just 2,5 days we make sure you and your team are fully equipped to engage your clients in a structured, tactical manner and deliver the value to built long lasting and profitable relationships.

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And for securing the process there is the web application!

All plans in one place, create your plans online, automated email reminders and a full dashboard.