Perfect account management by design.
Create a blueprint together with our experts.

Strategy session

A hands-on session focussing on your account management organization.

Account management experts

Our experts will personally help you design the best process for your goals.


Leave with a blueprint to bring structural succes in your organization.

Tactical account management

You have a great account team, ambitious goals and a clear vision on how to achieve them…. you are ready for the next step! What you want is a high performing team that gets you the desired results on an ongoing basis. You are just looking for the right way to get your hard working team to be more tactical with their accounts. To be in the lead, set goals and make plans to realize them. So it’s time to structure your account management organization to best achieve this.

Our experts are happy to work with you on tactical account management in your organization. How do you get your account managers to think and act on a tactical level? What is the best account plan format? And most important: how do you get more grip on what is happening at your important accounts? We advise you on the best possible account management process and tooling for better insight, grip and results.

The strategy session

1. Foundation

In this first part of the Strategy session we explore your current situation. How operational or tactical is your team? What have you organized in your account management organization? What processes and steering mechanisms are in place?

2. Process blueprint

Here we enter the strategic part of the session. We discuss your goals and together work out the level of organization and process that will best help your team to execute account management on a more tactical level.

3. Activity blueprint

Now the process is clear, it’s time to take a look at the daily practice of your account managers. How they can become more in controle and which activities and use of instruments you want to become common practice.

4. Governance

At this point the blueprint is complete. All that is left to discuss is your role in managing the process. How you can oversee the process, assure the team is doing what it is supposed to do and grow the habits in your team that lead to the best possible results at your clients.

5. Action plan

You will leave the session with a complete blueprint and action plan. The action plan is about jump-starting your organization into tactical account management. In this last part we will discuss training and applications needs that might help you take this next step. We are here to help you get started.

If you are a manager …

The Strategy Session is designed for managers that head a team of account managers. If you want our help in getting your team to the next level, this 1,5 hour session is for you. This is our way of getting in touch. We share our expertise with great pleasure.

This session is without obligation. Maybe we will take next steps together, but that is not necessary to request this session. If you think the strategy session could be useful to you, then please let us know by submitting the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We look forward to meeting you.
The Tenacity Team