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Guided session creating a plan

Because the client is important, because the situation is complex, because your team is new at this. There are many reasons why a guided session might be a good idea. We are more than happy to facilitate a team meeting to create an account plan or a contract renewal plan for a client. We prepare and facilitate a 3 hour session with your team to create the most effective plan possible. Face to face or remote. It might surprise you who much new insights a third party can bring and shake up the room by challenging assumptions and inside-out thinking.

Plan consult

Do you want our input for or feedback on your canvas? Send it to us and we’ll schedule a conference call. One of our experts will think with you on creating the best account- or renewal plan possible. We will challenge the assumptions, goals and tactics on your canvas from an unbiased perspective and bring our expertise on tactics and strategies to the table. Two one hour calls will help your team create the best possible plan to get the most out of the cooperation for both your client and you or extend the contract against the best possible terms and conditions.

Training renewal strategies

In a two day training, together with your team, we will craft a set of strategies aimed towards lowering competitive threats and improving contract terms. This set of renewal strategies specific to your company is a valuable asset. These strategies will be ready to incorporate in many future renewal plans.

Value perception assessment

The key to successful contract renewal is the value perception of your client. Their current perception is the basis for your renewal plan. In critical situations, you want to have an unbiased and unfiltered insight in these perceptions. We will do a FreshEyes Review® for you: face to face interviews on the perceived value as an independent party.

Get in the lead at your accounts!

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