Contract Renewal Masterclass

What you get

You’ll acquire the knowledge and skills to create the best renewal plans with use of the contract renewal canvas.

  • Training by the creators of the Contract Renewal Canvas
  • In-depth understanding of the different blocks of the canvas
  • Understanding of the dynamics, risks and opportunities that come with every contract ending
  • You learn a new set of competitive strategies
  • You learn how to use the canvas as a tool for communication and collaboration
  • Peer coaching and insights from other industries from other participants
  • During the online workshop you will work on a contract renewal canvas for one of your contracts

Upcoming classes

Wednesday August 5, 2020

Friday August 21, 2020

Wednesday September 2, 2020

Friday September 18, 2020

Who should attend?

Anyone that has a responsibility for renewing contracts. Account managers, operational managers, bid managers, regional managers will all benefit. This online workshop is also very interesting for Commercial Managers or Team Managers interested in equipping their teams with the best possible, easy to implement tooling. Learn together with your team or try out the workshop as a scout.

Part 1: 90 minutes 

  • The value of a proactive approach to contract renewal
  • Goal of the canvas, why a canvas?
  • Sharing the challenges in your industry and learning about others’
  • First part of the canvas: Understanding the current situation
    • Analyzing the value of your current proposition
    • Defining the decision makers
    • Listing their expectations
    • Understanding how clients judge what you do
  • Renewal strategies, what can you do?
    • Proven strategies and best practices
    • How to put strategies to work

Break 15 minutes

Part 2: 90 minutes

  • Second part of the canvas: Proposition and strategy 
    • Defining the value that will lead to contract renewal
    • Defining your objectives: opportunities and risks
    • How to deal with the competition
    • Decisive Renewal Milestone; Is you plan working?
    • Challenge your proposition: examen competing solutions
  • Planning and action
  • Collaboration with account- and operational teams
  • Putting your new knowledge into action:
    • work on a renewal plan
    • Trainer input and peer coaching

Terms and conditions

We adjusted the prices in this corona period. The price per person for this online Masterclass now is € 295,- (otherwise € 795,- for a one day in person Masterclass).

After registering for the Masterclass you will receive an invoice by email. Your registration is completed only after payment. You can cancel your registration anytime. Until two weeks before the masterclass payments that have been made will be refunded in full at cancellation. After this date, a refund is no longer possible.

Get Strategic about Contract Renewal!

Make sure your teams: Start on time, Know what to do and Have the right tools to do it.