Masterclass Account Plan canvas

The account plan canvas is a template for an annual tactical plan per account. It replaces lengthy written account plans that almost always fail to do what you want them to do: be an effective tool for setting account goals, approach plans and using them as a tool for communication throughout the year.

This Masterclass is a two-day in-company team-workshop to start using the Account Plan Canvas

What you get

You’ll acquire the knowledge and skills to create the best account plans with use of the Account Plan Canvas.

  • Training by the creators of the Account Plan Canvas
  • You’ll know the difference between leading your accounts and being led by whatever happens
  • You will learn to assess your position at the account, set fitting goals and think out effective ways to achieve them
  • You will learn how too use the canvas as a tool for communication and collaboration
  • A deep understanding of the different blocks of the canvas
  • Peer coaching and insights from other industries from other participants
  • At the end of the masterclass you have one fully finished Account Plan Canvas

For who?

The masterclass is for teams who are responsibility for managing accounts. This does not have to be account managers per se , also operational managers and regional managers with account responsibility will benefit from this training. This training will equip the team with the best possible, easy to implement tooling for tactical account management. Together you will learn to periodically rise above the operational level and get in the lead at your accounts.

Day 1

  • The goal of account management, form follows function
  • The account manager as value director
  • Goal of the canvas, why a canvas?
  • First part of the canvas: Understanding the current situation
    • Analyzing the value of your current proposition
    • Defining the decision makers
    • Listing their expectations
    • Understanding how clients judge what you do for them
  • How to lead an account
    • Set goals for your organization
    • Create value for your client

Day 2

  • Second part of the canvas: Leading the account 
    • Defining your objectives: opportunities and risks
    • Knowing your client’s goals and problems
    • Defining value propositions: help your client and achieve your objectives
    • When you need to take additional stakeholders into account
    • Forecast your results
  • Planning and action
  • Collaboration with account- and operational teams
  • Putting your new knowledge into action
    • Finishing your account plan
    • Trainer input and peer coaching

Account Leadership

Make sure your teams: know their accounts, set goals and make effective plans to achieve them.