Leaders guide for implementation and training

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In November a leaders guide will be available for our account plan canvas. This will allow you to train your team on the canvas or account tool yourself.
The leaders guide will consist of:

– Guidelines for implementing and use of planning tools
– User guide for the Account Plan Canvas
– User guide for the Contract Renewal Canvas
– Explanation video’s on how to implement and train your team

Great investment
If you later decide to have Tenacity train your team, we will offset your investment in the Leaders guide against the cost of the training.

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Account Plans that work

Getting your team to adopt to a new way of working, is as much about organizing as it is about training. All behavior requires motivation, ability and a trigger.

Your process and instruments are critical to each other to accomplish change. Only when these elements are aligned, will the account planning tools be effective and will account managers be eager to use them.

The information you request and the things you ask your account managers to report on are critical to your on-going success. The account plans you use, should ask them for the same information. And your process should trigger, facilitate and reinforce the right use of the available resources.

The Leaders guide to account planning will help you get your team to the next level in account planning. It explains how to get your team started and how to get account planning a common and effective practice in your organization. Your team will have the best-in-class visual account planning tools and you will have grip on what is happening at your accounts.

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