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Two-hour introduction training

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  • By the creators of the canvas

  • For managers and account managers

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The experts

The worst time to start with contract renewal is shortly before the end date. Many opportunities to improve the contract will have dissolved and many of the risks are still there or have increased. In the past 20 years we have we have seen this to be true time and time again.

Marco Reijntjens and Martijn Rozendaal are the developers of the Contract Renewal Canvas and are managing partners of Tenacity Europe. In all our years as managers and consultants we have seen a lot of unnecessary loss of contracts (or loss of profit in contracts). Mostly due to lack of grip as a result of being under organized. This is what we set out to change with the Contract Renewal Canvas.

Introduction training

In this online live training, you are introduced to all aspects of the Contract Renewal Canvas. You will learn about the guiding principles and we will share a lot of examples from daily practice.

And of course, you can ask all the questions you want. It is the perfect way to get a flying start with the Contract Renewal Canvas in a very short time.

We will also give you a short impression of the Renewal Manager, the web application we built to facilitate online collaboration, dashboarding and process management around the Contract Renewal Canvas. It is the easiest way to introduce an effective process and get grip on contract renewal.

The Introduction training will be in English.
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