The account plan is one piece of the puzzle

For managers

Believes, process and instruments cannot do without each other. Only when these three elements are aligned, account planning tools will be effective and will account managers be eager to use them.

This is not something trivial. All behavior requires motivation, ability and a prompt.

Your believes show in the things you ask your account managers to report on and in your go-to questions in conversations with them. The account plans you use, should ask them the same questions. And your process should prompt, facilitate and reinforce the right use of the available resources.

We invite you to a conversation about believes, process and instruments in account management. This is our expertise and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to discover new and effective insights that will substantially help you improve your grip and control.

Your sparring partners

Martijn Rozendaal.
Founder and managing partner Tenacity Europe

Ronald Luijckx.
Partner Tenacity, previously COO Webhelp and Operational Director Start People

Joost Meijlink.
Partner Tenacity, previously Commercial Director IBM and Canon

Marco Reijntjens.
Founder and managing partner Tenacity Europe

Jessica Peppelenbosch.
Account Director at Tenacity, conversational partner for commercial leaders.

Peter Maureau.
Partner Tenacity, previously extensive experience as Head of Business Development.


There is always more behind a Canvas like this. Things you as a manager might seriously profit from. Would you like to know more? We share our experience with great pleasure. You are welcome to a conversation about vision on account management, process and instruments for account planning.  Our aim is to support you in what it is you want to achieve.
Elements that might be part of the call:

  • Your goals in systematic account management
  • Explore strategies to achieve your goal
  • Explain the canvas instruments
  • Advice on next step

woud like to have a virtual cup of coffee and talk about account management.
Please contact me.