Free Contract Renewal Canvas

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The experts

The worst time to start with contract renewal is shortly before the end date. Many opportunities to improve the contract will have dissolved and many of the risks are still there or have increased. In the past 20 years we have we have seen this to be true time and time again.

Marco Reijntjens and Martijn Rozendaal are the developers of the Contract Renewal Canvas and are managing partners of Tenacity Europe. In all our years as managers and consultants we have seen a lot of unnecessary loss of contracts (or loss of profit in contracts). Mostly due to lack of grip as a result of being under organized. This is what we set out to change with the Contract Renewal Canvas.

The easiest way to develop the best renewal plan.

What got you the contract, will probably not keep you the contact.
Delivering according to contract is completely different than focusing on renewing a contract. Your competition is not bothered with the current contract. They are only interested in the next. How well are you prepared? Are your account managers proactively planning and executing a renewal plan?