Account Plan Manager

The perfect web-application for grip on account planning

Triggers to start planning

Notifications right in your inbox even without opening the software. For both manager and account manager.

Thinking and structure

Account plans make account managers step back from the daily operation and think tactically.

Grip and control

A dashboard for you as a manager and account manager. Accountability and grip are immediately organized.

Automatic email notifications.

When it is time for action you will receive an email. And with one click you’re in the app. It’s as easy as that. Both team- and account managers get their own applicable notifications.

Create your plan online.

The Account Plan Manager has three types of plans you can create: A Prospect Plan, an Account Plan and a Contract Renewal plan. The application offers you visual planning tools: one-page canvasses, the modern way of planning.

Work together with ease

You can invite others (users and non-users, internal and external) to comment and to provide input. The canvases are a great way to communicatie and cooperate. Account planning is a team effort.

Complete overview of all contracts and planning status

Both the team manager and account manager have a complete overview of all things happening with contracts in every phase.

Dashboard for grip

All users have their own dashboard. As a team manager you can see what is happing in your team. It will give you the grip your need.

A 3-phase planning process

With the predefined steps in the app, you have a sales, account management and contract renewal process that you can monitor and manage. It is the easiest way to get your team working on tactical level in a structured, timely and effective way. You are in full control.

1. Prospect plan

Work in a structured way on getting new clients in. Prospecting large clients requires thinking and a multiple approach. Create an effective renewal plan using the Prospect Plan Canvas.

2. Account Plan

Clients are your source of income. You want your account managers to set goals and create plans to achieve them. Not just to wait for chances. The Account Plan Canvas will help them to get this done.

3. Contract Renewal Plan

If you leave client retention to chance, chances are you will loose clients. Contract renewal is a process that demands thinking and planning with use of the Contract Renewal Canvas.

Check out the Account Plan Manager

per user

starting at €17monthly
  • 15% discount when payed annually
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Only users will be invoiced. You don’t pay for guest-users. Guest are people that you invite to cooperate with you on creating your plan (the canvas).

  • Unlimited number of users

  • Unlimited number of contracts

  • Unlimited number of canvasses

Over 50 users? Contact us about an Enterprise account.