The easiest way to develop the best account plan.

Will you be in the lead or just busy reacting to what is happing at your account?

Delivering according to contract is not all there is to do at your accounts. Both you and your clients want more than that. It is up to your account managers to take the lead. And it is up to you to facilitate them with the right tools and processes to be successful. Are your account managers proactively planning and leading their accounts?

The Account Plan Canvas is the easiest way to develop the best account plan. It is a one-page document to guide your thinking on the nine most important topics in getting the most out of your accounts and providing maximum value for your clients. You can capture the outcome of your thinking visually and share it with others.

It is free. You can download it, use it and share with anyone.

Download the canvas

Leave your contact details below to download the Canvas (Word template). As an extra we will later provide you with additional resources to get the most out of using the canvas.

Check out our training page

Account Planning Training

We will introduce the world’s most effective account plans in your organization and organize account leadership. Both account managers and leaders participate in this training provided by the developers of the Account Plan Canvas.

In a preparations meeting with you, we discuss the particularities of your organization and in two days, your team will learn to use the canvas accordingly. There are many levels on which you can use the canvas. You’ll learn to think on a whole different level about value for clients, setting goals, developing plans to achieve them and using the surprising arsenal of strategies at your disposal.

It’s an inspiring and practical training where people will be learning by doing. Everybody will at least have created one full account plan and will be able to work with the account plan canvas from that moment forward.

You can also include the Contract Renewal Canvas and/or the Prospect Plan Canvas in the training. Then your team will be able to operate at the tactical level in all stages of the contract. Tactical account management is about being in the lead, always. As well in the prospecting phase, the operational phase as in the renewal phase of any contract.

In the training we’ll introduce you to a lot of common (and not so common) tactics for achieving your goals. It is time to get in the lead with your accounts. We look forward to meeting you!

Training is a great way to develop your tactical thinking on managing accounts and achieving your objectives. You will learn to use our instruments and tap into the extensive experience that has led to the development of this cutting-edge tools. In all training by Tenacity, you’ll learn to think on a whole different level about orchestrating value for your clients and getting the best results in return.

It is time to get tactical about account management.