Free Account Plan Canvas

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The easiest way to develop the best account plan.

Managing accounts is just as much about tactical planning as it is about operational efforts.
To get the most out of your accounts, to deliver the most value to your accounts and to be able to communicate internally, you need a plan. A goal without a plan is just a wish. How well are you organized? Are your account managers working on the tactical level? And do you have enough grip on what your account managers are planning to do at your important accounts? 

The modern account plan

For an effective progress review on an account, you need to have an analysis, a goal and an action plan for the account. Without it, any progress will do and the situation will be evaluated subjectively. That is why most organization have tried implementing account plans. But up-till now that has almost always been a real struggle because they take to long to write and too long te read.  That is where the you’ll find the Account Plan Canvas an absolute delight and super effective.

In all our years as managers and consultants we have seen so much untapped potential in the installed base of organizations. Mostly due to lack of grip as a result of being under organized. This is what we set out to change with the Account Plan Canvas.