Is your team setting goals or waiting for chances?

Are your account managers making sure their accounts are moving in the right direction, getting the right results? Your clients are your only source of income. It is vital that you have grip on what is happening!

Finally, account plans that work!

Getting your account managers to focus is all about asking the right questions and providing tools that are easy to use. Our one-page account plan is a valuable tool for account managers to visualize their thinking. And it provides you with a one-page overview that you can use during your review meetings.

In the end, you need another plan!

At the end of a contract things change. Both your client and you will look at the cooperation from a different perspective. Your clients will have different goals than the years before, and so will you. That’s why in tactical account management you need two type of plans. The Account Plan Canvas for the operational phase and the Contract Renewal Canvas for the ‘endgame’.

Plan to win that account!

By the time you receive a request for a proposal, the prospect already has made a lot of decisions. The best time to influence those decions, is before the RFP is send out. With B2B selling you have to frequently stop, think and plan next actions. It is up to you to facilitate your account managers with the tools and processes to do so.

Tactical account management is about setting goals and making plans to achieve them.

Tactical account management means that account managers set goals for their accounts, devise ways to achieve them and translate this into action plans. This transcends the operational level at which you mainly react to what is happening.

If you really want your team to take the lead on their accounts, you will have to organize this. As a manager, you will need to introduce the HOW in your organization. And to help you do so, we will provide you with best practices.

Your clients are your only source of incomeIt is time to get grip on what is happing at your accounts and on the results.