The easiest way to develop the best renewal plan.

What got you the contract, will probably not keep you the contact.
Delivering according to contract is completely different than focusing on renewing a contract. Your competition is not bothered with the current contract. They are only interested in the next. How well are you prepared? Are your account managers proactively planning and executing a renewal plan?
The contract Renewal Canvas is the easiest way to develop the best renewal plan. It is a one-page document to guide your thinking on the ten most important topics in contract renewal. You can capture the outcome of your thinking visually and share it with others.
It is free. You can download it, use it and share with anyone.

Contract Renewal Canvas

Upcoming Masterclasses

Due to the Corona pandemic, all Masterclasses will be online.

Masterclass online

Although the current situation forces us to work online, we still can learn about contract renewal strategies together.

Both account managers and senior leaders participate in this masterclass provided by the developers of the Contract Renewal Canvas.

Come and join us in this half-day inspiring, practical and hands on learning experience. We’ll make sure to create a  welcoming online classroom.

It is time to get strategic about contract renewal. We look forward to meeting you!

Introduction Webinar

If you are looking for a short introduction to the Contract Renewal Canvas you are at the right place in this webinar.

In this energizing one-hour live session, the creators will talk through all elements on the canvas. They will be discussing the underlying principals and how you can use each element. It is an excellent starting point to familiarize yourself with the canvas and answer any first questions you might have.

Also the canvas web application will be demonstrated in the last part of the session.

A master class is a great way to develop your strategic thinking on contract renewal. In this half-day practical masterclass, you learn to use the Contract Renewal Canvas and tap into the extensive experience that has led to the development of this cutting-edge tool. There are many levels on which you can use the canvas, so many strategic approaches to contract renewal. In just half a day, you’ll learn to think on a whole different level about value for clients, evaluating the current value you bring, developing winning value propositions and using the surprising arsenal of competition strategies at your disposal.
It is time to get strategic about contract renewal.